Video & YouTube Marketing

Video SEO & Optimization

New & Unique! ZERO competition keywords research and targeting.

  • We identify what your potential clients/customers are searching for, create a video.
  • We properly tag your videos to rank first on Google.
  • Proper SEO on your video will drive more traffic and  more sales.

Video Distribution 
SEO Video distribution to 1,000 backlinks websites and social media portals to promote your video (drip feeded through 30-60 days campaigns). Each video  will contain your company logo, URL, and description. Plus we will create a custom YouTube background for your company.

Video Bookmarking
We customize and submit your video to social bookmarking website’s such as Digg, and many others which helps boost the video SEO and drive traffic to your website or landing page.

Your YouTube Account/Channel
We  customize your YouTube channel for your videos, using your company branding, such as your logo, cover image, and company URL.

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