LinkedIn Workshop
LinkedIn Workshop

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LinkedIn is the most affluent social network today with average household income well over $100,000 and the average user over age 25.  It’s the place to reach key decision makers with real buying authority. Did you know that a recent study showed that LinkedIn is 277% more effective for lead generation than other social media networks?

Build Your Authority

  • Building a foundation for your LinkedIn profile.
  • Prospecting efficiently and fast by creating your ideal client profile.
  • Establishing trust with your prospects, by hanging out at the right groups .
  • Changing your online presence into a client attraction magnet by using our unique strategies.
  • Getting in from of thousands of targeted prospects by identifying, joining and engaging in the right groups.
  • Establishing you as a leader in your niche and attracting more attention by setting your own leadership authority platform.
  • Speeding up your prospering efforts by our automated personal emailing process.

LinkedIn Training

I teach you how to “Grow Your business with LinkedIn”.
The training incudes:

  • How to quickly grow a massive referral network,
  • How to easily find, qualified prospects and leads that you previously had problem to reach,
  • How to position your profile to continually outrank your competitors on LinkedIn’s advance people search,
  • How to exponentially grow your number of 1st-degree connections and prospects,
  • How to develop short and long term LinkedIn marketing plan,
  • How to establish your name and your company as the #1 expert in your niche,
  • How to leverage LinkedIn groups in a major way that increases thought leadership and generates business,
  • How to use LinkedIn to promote events  online and offline,
  • How to make LinkedIn to drive lots of new traffic to your website,
  • We offer custom trainings and solutions for your business.

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