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*Prepare a list of your competitors that you want to target.
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instagram_dm_ormv2 ***This service is NOT buying followers – the followers, likes and comments are all genuine from people who are interested in your services.***


  • We analyze your account and give our recommendations to optimize it, if needed.
  • We drive engagements/leads/appointments for your Instagram account monthly.
  • Your account will have up to 1,200 interactions each day – likes, follows and comments.
  • You choose your targeted users and yours competitors’ followers that you want to target based on their location or interests.
  • Your account will like up to 1,000  pictures of targeted users per day.
  • Your account will follow up to 400 targeted users per day.
  • Your account will be exposed to about 25,000 – 30,000 targeted users per month.
  • During the management period you can post new contents and track your progress.
  • During the service it is recommend not to use any other management software and to avoid unnecessary engagements.
*14 Days Money Back GUARANTEE  – No questions asked

For questions or to schedule a consultation contact Orange River Media at: or text (+1) 917 495 9250 code ORIG

What our clients say:

“I started to see a difference in my Instagram notifications within 24h of purchasing the Social Engager Service. Second, the personalized messages that it sends to my followers save at least 2 hours of my time everyday and are already worth the money. Third, the ROI that I got in 60 days is beyond the roof – to compare, in the past I spent 5 times more on Facebook ads to achieve similar results. Thanks guys!”

Anna R. – Facebook Marketer, Chicago

“I’ve used it for 4 few weeks, and even though I was not gaining too many followers I started to receive a lot of likes and comments on my pictures. The biggest success; I was able to land 2 paid guest blogs post opportunities thanks to people that found me because Social Engager commented on their pictures. To be a guest blogger on those two sites is a huge deal for me.”

Robert S. – Blog Owner and theatre enthusiast, Hawaii

“I save hours each week on messaging and interacting with people on Instagram. I did not know how much exposure I was loosing by not doing the engagement regularly. They advertise targeting your competitors’ clients – and I am a live example of taking advantage of it. 3 people who in the past used services of other coaches that I asked Social Engager Team to target for – me – HIRED me. How amazing is that?”

Sue Z. – Life Coach, Denver

“We are a small, local bakery in Boston suburbs. Usually, very busy on the weekends and major holidays, however, we still have room to grow off-season and I was hoping to sell more expensive customized goodies online. However, as a baker and business owner, there is not much time and margin for that – but thanks to Social Engager Service & Orange River Media– we were able to move forward and now regularly every week receive orders. “

Jonathan T. – Bakery Owner, Boston

 “We were able to increase our online sales from 6% of the total sales to 27% in 3 months. We are very happy!

Monica S. – Jewelry Store Owner, Miami


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