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Show Yourself On Social Media 

Take your name to the social media world.
Share your success stories, your life, your thoughts to the younger, new generation – your heritage.

***This service is NOT buying followers – the followers, likes and comments are all genuine from targeted people with whom we engage with and they might engage back. ***

Once we receive your payment we will  start to work on your account immediately.

Watch video about scraping here. (link coming soon)

  • We analyze your account and give our recommendations to optimize it, if needed.
  • You choose your targeted audience.
  • Your account will have up to 1,200 interactions each day – likes, follows and comments.
  • Your account will like up to 1,000  pictures of targeted audience per day.
  • Your account will follow up to 400 targeted audience per day.
  • Your account will be exposed to about 25,000 – 30,000 targeted users per month.
  • During the management period you can post new contents and track your progress.
  • During the service it is recommend not to use any other management software and to avoid unnecessary engagements.

All the prices are per month per account. By making a payment you, automatically agree to this Terms of Service

*Cancel anytime  – No questions asked

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