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YaShaEl - Your Perfect Coach

Sha is a leading coach with an army, Law, Entrepreneurship, International Affairs, Philosophy and Theology background.

YaSharEl Coaching Method was received through Sha's enthusiasm to understand, connect, reveal and transfer the Highest Deep Secrets of The Kabbalah - The Jewish Mystic Wisdom - YaSharEl.

Applying the method will lead you to a perfect life - be perfect.

VIP YaSharEl Coaching Method

  • Only in person - One on One,
  • Connect to your Pure Light and experience practical transformation,
  • Enthusiasm, Immediately-Now, Perfect Thoughts, Words & Actions,
  • Only for VIPs - $10 millions in revenues and above.

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Sha  is one of the most amazing coaches I’ve ever met, and the world coach doesn't really justify the power that he has in helping you with anything. It’s unbelievable how he is always to the point. Sha was recommended to me by a friend and when I talked to him first time - I already knew he is different than other coaches and his Perfect YaSharEl Coaching Method is something out of this world.”

John, New York, NY

Wow, wow, wow! I had no idea I was so f...ed up.  Sha helped me understand that all I was doing in my life had  negative influence on all aspects on my everyday life and how I felt.  He helped me to realize, I need to look deeper into myself and analyze myself on everyday basis. You couldn’t do better sitting in a session with a therapist. Sha is a must-see coach for any troubles or life questions, he analyze your dreams as well.”

Anna, New York, NY

Describing Sha and his skills as extraordinary - diminshes his real skills and power!!!  In a matter of couple of weeks of working with him I started feeling a lot more relaxed, grounded and clear.  Running multiple companies and being responsible for lives of thousands of people can be pretty nerve wracking and overwhelming for one person to handle.
I came to him completely unaware of what YaSharEl Perfect Coaching is and now after doing it I can't stop recommending to others! You can't go wrong with Sha's coaching - which I would not call coaching - it is a new perspective on everything that we are familiar with!

Tom, Brooklyn, NY

 I want you to know how truly, deeply, amazingly transformative our work was for me. Every single day I see the benefits of your efforts and patience that you put into working with me, and I know it was not easy for you.  My life became so much richer and everything I do is purposeful and fulfilling. I no longer feel conflicted inside. I feel an inner peace and confidence in the future. I am clear and I no longer feel the need for ‘belonging’ or outward approval. You unleashed my potential completely and I am, as you promised, living the life I always imagined. Your Perfect YaSharEl Coaching method is truly unique!!!

Sue, Westport, CT